Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's OK to love me more

Advice from my UOM. I needed to reread these words today. Love her no matter what.

Get OK with being selfish it will help you pick someone who will treat you right and it will make you OK with aiming high with the men you date.

I am learning people treat you the way you treat you. I had guys who ultimately treated me like a last resort and it took me a while to realize that I treat me  like a last resort. I always try to mention to you how important it is for you to fall in love with yourself . To get OK with being alone that way if it takes awhile to meet the right person. You won't find yourself filling the time with selfish and disrespectful  men who don't deserve you.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Words of Encouragement & Advice from Fitness Guru

These words of advice and encoragement came as I was working through my broken heart with my ex-fiancé and re-entering the dating world. I am a hard critic on myself and my emotions. I beat myself down and blame myself for most things that are even out of my control. These words help to refocus my negative energy to a brighter light.

I love you and trust and believe like I said before if he is not growing with you I mean really expanding with you in life baby let it go. You are too pretty for bs and foolery. You got your degree, you are a Zeta, you working on a masters, you are a teacher, you are a bad bish, a phenomenal woman, the epitome of beauty, and an authentic natural guru.

Come on when! I talk to you I want to hear positive things. Everytime I talk to you,you tell me about the possibility of letting the relationship end. With my knowledge in psychology and sociology, to me that means there is a problem. I wanna hear positive things.I want to hear that you are completely, well...happy and in love. No glitches baby!!! Its ok to be alone because you will know in time what it is you want in a man. Girrrl, I know it hurts but with time you will be happy. If he is not complying with you at all levels that means it is time to say goodbye.
I know I may sound like I'm tough on love but true love to me is real. I know it's out there for me. That's why I'm happy. I experienced challenges in relationships. Now I am working on me, so I can truly love Takia. Exemplify the love for myself, so I can meet the right mate in time.

Its hard to work on you completely in relationships. But trust, we as women tend to be supporters of men naturally. We are emotional beings, we make our decisions based on feelings. Sometimes you have to disengage yourself from feelings and think logically. Try to see yourself looking outward looking in. But I will tell you this when you have everything in order, like everything in order you are going to attract those men who really have it in order. I'm talking bout mentally,physically,spiritually, financially, and emotional.

If you feel he is not in line with you emotionally, then that is a sign to let go.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Start


Let today be a new start to an old situation.

Sometimes we get blinded by our frustration of not being able to get out of certain patterns or resolve issues as quickly as we would like to. But today I say to you, it's over.

Today you will make peace with it and the solution will appear or at least it won't bother you. You are blessed and highly favored, so everything will be fine.

It may seem like it won't work out any time soon but always keep your eyes on the prize and head up. Never ever feel like you won't happen, just give it time because this is your time of preparation for greater blessings and joy. God doesn't want you overwhelmed so he is preparing you for what's ahead.

Sharing what I told myself this morning just in case you needed it as well. Love you and keep pushing.