Sunday, June 8, 2014

Message to Myself: Rio has ya back

"How often do we hesitate to pursuer our dreams because we feel deficient in talent, knowledge, or experience the perceived roots of success. But chances are that we carry untapped strengths and abilities which, when enfolded within the mist of optimism, can conspire to accomplish marvelous things."

Message to Myself: Here is the Deal

Okay so here is the deal! Pray and God will show you the way. Trust can be rebuilt in a relationship but don't be so deep in love, you let yourself be blinded. And most times distance brings out the truth in a relationship. Building or crumbling the walls. You always have to remember how great you are despite the past mistakes in life or short comings we may feel we have. We are in truth our worst enemies. Keep the faith in yourself and work towards what you want.

If she makes your heart glow then give it a chance (minus the liquor or what ever you use to allow ya heart to feel less pain) if you feel it's going the way you want.

Be ready to let go and let God at any moment because there are times your faith in him is being tested. 😧 had to get that out of me and share that revelation with someone else.

Message to Myself: Remember

Always remember you deserve the best. God puts greatness in our path but it's for us to see why. Did he put this person in our path because they would lead us to greater or for us to help them become greater? Either way their is always a reason. Don't rewrite your god given blueprint. Keep it as is.lwt god take the wheel, we may fall short of go off the path but never wonder so far you take a different journey than intended.

I lost my Johnson ring on Friday night. I woke up this morning realizing it's a sign. One I need to put some weight back on lol and two I need to focus on me fully. Not replace one love focus (my ex fiancé) with another (my family). I need to build me to my fullest potential and once I do that. Then I can be the best Johnson...well person I can be. Going to start going to church more often.