Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Good Read pt2: The Great Debate

Jackie Untoldtruth Christie--Life I'm loving your new book! Very inspiring! August 1 via mobile

Jackie Untoldtruth Christie Horemheb Ankh Atum Re you did a fabulous job on the graphics!
August 2 at 1:07am

William Montu Miller Bang them in the head brov
August 2 at 1:23am via mobile

Chris Baylor What about life's spoken language? It's called the Bible. Do you know it? It's author is God
August 2 at 5:31am

Jackie Untoldtruth Christie Chris Baylor you reading too much into the title... Crack open the book available onhttps://www.createspace.com/4350215 its no Bible and in no way trying to be, but it a great read very inspiring!
"Hidden Ripples" by Lemuel LaRoche
Hidden Ripples is a collection of short stories by author of Tree of Life: The H...See More
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Chris Baylor Im not reading too much into at all. In fact, I don't plan on reading it at all. If people need to be inspired, they should read Psalms or Proverbs. That's the problem. People turn to everything but God or His living word. This world is filled with too many false gods, idols and distractions. Like I said. Need a good read? Want to be inspired. Study the Bible. Those who know this already understand.
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Lem Taylor Chris should research the council of Nicea?
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William Montu Miller Chris should research many things about what she is calling the word of God. Not everyone is Christian but we should be able to have healthy discussions about this world we live in, without it always reverting to what someone needs to read. I grew up in the Christian church and I just don't feel it's for me, but by all means I hope it makes some people's lives better. There's many different colors, plants, animals and religions for a reason. We live in a diverse world.
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Chris Baylor The exact reason why you've missed the point. There are many ways the devil can inflict confusion on the minds of those who choose to ignore God. The one and only true God. There is only one in case you hadn't noticed. But how would you know when there are plenty false gods before you? Just because you grew up in a Church doesn't mean you chose to listen. Not all Churches preach the Word of God. Not all Churches are Churches. Learn the difference. Also, not everyone who attends Church hears the Word of God, or accepts it. So please stop making excuses. If you ever studied the Word of God, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Obviously you've chosen a wicked path separate from God and choose not to believe. Otherwise your statement would have been different. When God comes knocking, and you chose to listen and open the door, then let us one day talk about real inspiration. In the meantime, God bless your soul. Hopefully one day you will find a real Church home, hear and accept the Word of God.
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A Good Read pt1

The above book is the sequel to TREE OF LIFE: THE HUMAN ASCENSION. If you would like a good read and book that will make you think and feel differently, this is the book for you. 

Here are links to where the books can be purchased.  Available in major online book stores.  

https://www.createspace.com/4350215      -  Hidden Ripples

https://www.createspace.com/4008225    -   Tree of Life: The Human Ascension

This book has already started a great deal of debate and it's only based on the title!